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Being an artist is a beautiful and necessary task in society. Artists have the ability to create works of art that can move, inspire and connect people in unique ways. Through their art, artists can express their own emotions, thoughts and perspectives, while allowing others to see the world differently.

Art can also have a significant social and cultural impact. It can be used to address important issues, such as discrimination, injustice and poverty. It can be used to raise awareness of important issues and to mobilize people to action.

In addition to its social and cultural importance, being an artist can also be very personally rewarding. It can be a unique and personal form of expression that allows artists to express their feelings, process their experiences and explore their creativity.


Tue ‒ Thu: 09am ‒ 07pm
Fri ‒ Mon: 09am ‒ 05pm

Adults: $25
Children & Students free

673 12 Constitution Lane Massillon
781-562-9355, 781-727-6090